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About us



Our name means

Hispanic Autonomous Assemblies of God International Fraternity. This organization began in Puerto Rico in 2001 and had a very healthy growth, as the Lord allowed us.

This Fraternity arises as a response to an undeniable need that existed in the hearts of many pastors. How to organize ourselves in such a way that we unite the strength of all in harmony, and in the same way, protect the work and effort of each pastor and their local churches? Also, how to maintain that harmony and unity, respecting the autonomy and vision of the local pastors with their respective congregations? It was a challenge, but God had prepared his chosen ones for the task.

Pastor Tomás Rodriguez Pagán, who at that time had a lot of experience in ecclesiastical organizations and had a large number of spiritual children, ministers and founded churches, begins to structure the fraternity giving birth to its constitution, regulations and vision.


Much of his spiritual children, who are practically one big family, joined the vision with their churches. Other pastors of great experience joined the effort, putting their resources and talents to contribute to the growth and development of the vision. This caused that in its first years we extended to more than 9 nations, trying not to accumulate wealth or create empires, and in this way God supernaturally blessed us.


We are currently in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba, in various states of the United States such as Florida, Colorado, Connecticut, Massachucets and others. We also have churches and ministers in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Chile, and Argentina.

At FIADAH Florida we have our Rehabilitation Center that owns 3 homes, we have ministries that provide food to the community and to other churches (even if they are not affiliated) in different cities, and approximately 10 congregations.

FIADAH has an International Board. Each nation has its leaders and those with the statutory number of affiliated churches have their National Boards.

What distinctive does FIADAH have as an organization?

1. FIADAH respects and protects the autonomy and sovereignty of local affiliated churches.


2. In our organization each church retains its individual name, its properties, incorporation and deeds of the same.


3. We are united voluntarily by love, to form the body of our organization.


4. Each minister receives a sufficiently informative and descriptive photo identification.

5. Each local church will receive a certificate of membership.


6. Each affiliated local church will be identified with our FIADAH logo.


7. We have well-structured programs to organize ladies, gentlemen, youth and children, to promote numerical growth, the integration of visits and that we can have enough working tools at the local level.


8. We have a ministry at the international level which is in charge of promoting missionary work in terms of the call, sending and support of missionaries.


9. Trips of missionary groups are also organized, integrating our young people, who are going to support needed domestic and foreign works.


10. We have our Autonomous Theological Seminary with their respective regionals for the preparation and training of our candidates for ministry and serving ministers.


11. Our doctrinal structure is biblical. In summary, our (16) sixteen fundamental truths give doctrinal uniformity and harmony to all our churches.


We believe in:

The inspiration of the Holy Scriptures.

The only true God.

The Deity of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The fall of man.

The salvation of man.

The ordinances of the Church.

Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

Initial physical evidence of the baptism in the Holy Spirit.


The church and its mission.

The ministry.

Divine Healing.

Blessed hope.

The millennial kingdom of Christ.

The final judgement

New heavens and new earth.


12. FIADAH is Hispanic, our language is Spanish, which unites and identifies us with all Spanish-speaking countries and those where Hispanics reside.

13. Despite the above, we have a presence in Haiti and several states of the American nation, so we have congregations where Creol and English are spoken and still are recognized as genuine FIADAH.


14. We have internal programs and fraternities to organize the church and activate people in the different ministries it has to develop in the Lord's work.


15. Children, adolescents and young people enjoy the Extreme Adventurers program which prepares them for the challenges of life, both social and religious, in addition to developing their leadership.

If you need more information about us you can call us at (863)242-2661 with Pastor Toledo who chairs FIADAH in Florida.

We have several books that will notoriously help you understand why we are who we are and what we are looking for. The books are FIADAH History, United for Love and The Foundation.

To understand our processes, how they are carried out, how we choose our leaders, our beliefs, etc., we have our Constitution and Regulations, which everyone who wishes to join must read.

If you wish to become more familiar with our fraternity before establishing any contact, you can access our page internationally.


OUR S ORD has placed in our hands.

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